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About Us

Trumpcard is a customer loyalty card aimed at helping the customers in getting the best deals at vendor partner outlets which in turn would mean more sales and visibility for our vendor partners.

Company Overview

Trumpcard Networks Private Limited is a company formed in 2013 by professionals who have an industry experience of around 30 years put together amongst them in various cities of India and overseas.

The company aims to create a well differentiated sales and marketing platform within the next one year. The organization shall strive hard to become a one stop shop for all the sales and marketing needs of our Vendor Partners.

Mission Statement

To create a preferred, world class, top of the line, well differentiated, transparent and ethical one stop sales & marketing platform which benefits customers and Vendor Partners both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Vision Statement

By 2020 have presence in 40 big cities of India with a customer base of at least 400,000 customers. Also lay out a clear plan for taking the footprint International.


For Vendor Partners

Join Hands and Grow.

Get new customers through effective marketing and targeted advertising. Improve Services using our research and detailed analytics.

Make your Business a Success!

For Customers

Change the way you spend and get rewarded. Monitor and Plan your spending. Treat yourselves to awesome privileges and bumper discounts.

SAVE each time, every time !

How do You benefit from Trumpcard?

We are here, at your Service, with You 24x7

Need Reasons to acquire TRUMPCARD Profit services.
Read on as we answer your most relevant questions.

I am the best at what I do...but I want more customers?

Find an amazing new customer base and bring back patrons by joining our Network.

Tell us how and at what scale you would like to promote your business/ services and we shall create a campaign, custom built especially for you to attract the amazing audience you intent to cater.

I want everyone to know about me?

Our specially designed drive along with Real and Effective marketing campaign delivers and spreads your word with awesome power, speed and an amazing reach.

Impactful Social Media promotions, Smart placement on primetime Radio and popular prints and billboards and powerful marketing on our promotion standees, canopy, banners, brochures, posters and vouchers increases your brand’s recognition and visibility like never before.

People love my shop, I’d love them to come back often and talk about me?

Connect with our astounding network of young, educated, affluent decision makers who spend repeatedly and refer friends and family to experience your products/ services.

I want to know my customer?

Get effective and valuable details and get on the inside.
Know who your customers are, how much they are spending, how often they visit, age, gender and about their spending and visiting habits and trends.

I want to improve to serve my customers better and plan my next step?

Use our proven analytics and well researched statistics to improve your service, tighten loose ends, pre-book future sales and plan ahead, much before the rest of your competition.

Through our platform get direct feedback from customers using or who have used your product/ services. What is better than the customer himself telling you what more he needs and encourage upon what is being done right? Eliminates the lethal guess work...Doesn’t it?

For Vendor Partners

Bottom Line! We know and understand how to effectively increase your brand visibility & recognition, lower costs, increase revenues and thus maximise PROFIT!

Join Hands!! And discover a new dimension to do business.

How do You benefit from Trumpcard?

We are here, at your Service, with You 24x7

Need Reasons to avail TRUMPCARD Win services.
Read on as we answer your most relevant questions.

What shall I do with it?

Get mind blowing discounts at your favourite outlets, as often as you like! Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? With our specialized offers and discounts at TRUMPCARD partners, SLASH your bills on our ever increasing partner list of most popular restaurants, lounges, pubs, salons, fitness clubs, travel desks, hotels, services and many more.

Get SMART! Why pay full price? Just flash your TRUMPCARD and enjoy.

I don’t go out that much, really...maybe just twice a month, then why should I pay?

It is astonishing but also a reality... TRUMPCARD is a bearer card which means that anyone in your family can avail its services without the condition of you being physically present.

Go on... have fun; we encourage you to share our services with your family and friends that too with no added cost. TRUMPCARD practically can pay for itself in only ONE straight meal, which makes it an absolute no brainer to acquire.

Why Trumpcard..., there are so many other internet portals that offer discount?

Trumpcard presents competent, handpicked offers and discounts which are valid all year long, unlike the “deals” on conventional websites which are offered just once and for a limited time for promotion. With Trumpcard YOU will never have to wait for a deal at your favourite outlet, give yourself the power to Just walk in and flash your Trumpcard to enjoy where you like, when you like.

It is that simple and convenient, saves you the hassle to take printouts of vouchers, track emails or send a sms.

What if an outlet refuses to give the discount or services as claimed?

All Trumpcard partner vendor partners are in written agreement with us and have agreed to honour the card, provided it is valid on the day. In the unusual event that this does happen, please contact us immediately at +91.141.4034646 and we shall work on resolving the confusion.

We also gently advise you to check the partnership status and updates about Trumpcard Partner vendor partners on our website or mobile app and also remember to renew your card annually, on time.

For Customers

What Stops you Now!
Go On... Discover a new World of Bumper SAVINGS and impeccable Customer Service.
Reinvent the way you spend!!

Join Hands

You have made the right decision!
Let us assist you and see your product/services work along with our drive and marketing activity skyrocket your brand to reach new heights!

Let us know about your Business and our Team shall get back to you within 48 hours.

** Induction of any vendor partner to provide the services under TRUMPCARD Profit is at the sole discretion of the management of Trumpcard Networks Private Limited. The induction shall happen subject to the vendor partner fulfilling Terms & Conditions as applicable.